"Remote Collaboration through Gamification & Collaborative Frameworks is the Future of Collaboration."

What “WeCollab” do best is to Gamify your Workshop & Training needs using Innovative & Collaborative techniques for Enhancing  results out of Trainings, Consulting, & Workshops with in your Organization?

Exploring best partners for Organization / Business Transformation in Product, Organization, Agile, Scrum, SAFe®  ?

Remore workshops :Looking to induce Cognitive psychology in your Consulting and training Assignments?



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About Us

Collaborative frameworks enhances collaboration in organizations.


WeCollab (An Applied Frameworks Company)  delivers Innovative trainings, Workshops and short term consulting based on  Gamification, Custom Collaborative Frameworks  Innovation Games ®   and SAFe® Collaborate with over 150+ Custom Frameworks 

WeCollab helps moving organizations to self consulting, saving unnecessary cost spent on costly consulting services, Its solutions and Frameworks helps organizations build capabilities around its work force to deliver Innovation and better collaboration.

Services We Offer

SAFe® Trainings

"We Deliver SAFe® Trainings and Consulting as SAFe® Silver Partner - Applied Frameworks world wide.

Unique Workshops & Trainings

"We enable Leadership teams, Cross functional teams, Agile teams, Product teams with Unique Workshops and Trainings using Gamification and Custom Collaborativeframeworks"


"We help in Buisness,Product, Transformation , Strategy using Collaboratveframeworks and Agile Framework Implementation Consulting specialized in SAfe(R) Implementation Roadmap"

Why Choose Us?


First to Produce & use Collaborative Frameworks of Innovation GamesⓇ workshops in Asia.

TEDx : Expert in Remote Collaboration

VIkas Uppal TEDx Talk on Enhancing Collective Collaborations.

16+ years of International experience

Team has provided trainings at international level with wide audience

Visual Facilitation

Learning made easy with the use of posters and graphics​

Diverse Team

The team consists of highly qualified and creative professionals

International presence

The team is widely spread all over the world - US, Europe, India

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WeCollab, in collaboration with Applied Frameworks provides best trainings by the experts using unique way of Gamification, Graphic facilication and Collaborative frameworks hence making learning more easy and fun.

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Recent Work


I strongly recommend Vikas's training classes. I've had the good fortune to work with Vikas multiple times : on consulting engagements and in training situations. He is uniquely creative and I've enjoyed learning new ways to tackle problems by watching Vikas in action. You are going to learn and grow in his class.

Luke Hohmann

Ex - SAFe Framework Contributor , Founder of Innovation Games® & Internationally recognized Agilist

Vikas is a leading Agile expert and coach in Bangalore. We had the pleasure to work together on Agile best practices, for our Verifone India team in 2018. Vikas made a significant positive impact in a very short time. For example, he helped with global best practices assessment, recommendations, and highly effective coaching for multiple local Bangalore teams. I recommend Vikas highly, and would welcome a chance to work with him again as a leading global Agile/Scrum expert.

Alan Crouch

VP Engineering, Asia Pacific Application Development Centre at VeriFone

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Vikas a MACH.An exemplary performer, who along with his technical and domain acumen also understood that project management success largely depends on one's ability to influence people. Vikas was the senior member of my team- whether it was reviving a small challenged project or driving one of our most complex initiatives-Vikas delivered. Vikas was instrumental in driving our multi-year agile transformation.This included changes in software development, product management, finance and operations.As the steward of our agile practice, Vikas defined and implemented our processes around roles and responsibilities(Product Owners, Scrum Masters), agile training, product roadmap at project and program level along with implementing system and metrices to properly capture and quantify benefits realization. This initiative was particularly complex because it involved teams in India, the Americas and across Europe. If you are reading this and Vikas works for your company - Keep him!

Mark Poet


Vikas is a great coach, the best in Agile/SAFe Trainings and Consulting, very innovative in his coaching approch and above all he goes beyond his call of dutie or his contractual agreements to help his clients throughout. I highly recommend Vikas for SAFe related Consultings, trainings and Workshops.

Bhikuklal Tapadia

(PC) Leader / Tech Mahindra

Some of Our Clients

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