Collaborative Frameworks & Innovation Games® ( Advantage Masterdesign – Certification Workshop ( 4 Days)

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Collaborative Frameworks & Innovation Games® ( Advantage Masterdesign – Certification Workshop ( 4 Days)

The use of in-person and online serious games and collaborative frameworks has become a standard practice in New Generation Product  organizations. It doesn’t matter if you’re  Agile or not  or using Scrum, SAFe, LeSS, DaD, Scrum@Scale, XP, Lean Kanban, Nexus or some other framework: collaborative frameworks can you better understand customer, market and stakeholder needs, improve planning and roadmapping, manage portfolios and conduct retrospectives.

And it’s not just Agile! Design Thinking, Beyond Budgeting, Participatory Budgeting, Value Proposition Design, Business Model Design and Lean Startup all leverage serious games and  your own collaborative frameworks.

The astonishing growth of collaborative frameworks has created new demand for skilled instructors and coaches who are capable of teaching others how leverage serious games and collaborative frameworks.

What you will learn: Part 1

Where you will Learn Basics of Innovation Games®  using Weave TM Platform

  1. Learn about Idea into Action & Action of Retrospectives.
  2. Identify customer requirements and develop a product vision through Product Box
  3. Develop better roadmaps with Prune the Future online
  4. Prioritize a backlog through Buy a Feature online
  5. Improve retrospectives with Speed Boat online

Part 2

Where you will Learn Discussion of Market Research & Collaborative Frameworks

  1. Discover and understand how qualitative insights build empathy and understanding.
  2. Learn how to incorporate online collaboration frameworks to maintain more regular contact with customers and other stakeholders.
  3. Incorporate employees and partners into your customer experience program,
  4. Learn how to apply frameworks to gain insights into the customer journey,
  5. Use frameworks to identify unmet needs.
  6. Learn how to facilitate using collaboration frameworks in order to maximize participation and create insights, build empathy and drive action.
  7. Learn how to select frameworks optimal for solving a variety of problems, use them with stakeholders and process the results effectively.
  8. Facilitation and Presentation Skills

Level 3

You will learn everything needed to Design your own Frameworks as well as adopt current framrworks of Weave based on your needs.

Some topics : –

  • Game Theory
  • Collaborative Framework Canvas
  • Framework design reference aids
  • Modifying existing frameworks
  • Building new frameworks
  • Packaging frameworks for others

Trainer consultant profile :

  • Vikas uppal with more than 20 years of wide industry and International experience in training and consulting, Asia’s first Black Belt Certified Collaboration Instructor.

    You can visit for more information.

How to apply :

Please go through training canader and send us your request to join this training.

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