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While “Collaboration” is the world’s favorite word (Agile is nothing but Collaboration at multi level ), it seems, we need only look around to see evidence in every direction of collaborative intentions that have epically failed.

In My Opinion- “Recent US election results” & ” Brexit ” is deep “failures of collaborations” – Instead of writing my WHO , WHY – I would like readers to think … Why I meant that ? and Who failed ? , and Who could stop it ? but … truth is these were recent biggest Collaboration Failures…if we think world is GLOBAL ONE 🙂

Larger part of the problem is not that they aren’t smart people , but they are always “different groups exploring different ideas” and somehow “SOMEONE/ SOME GROUP” were not able to bring them together… thats it..

Organizations are not different, teams are not different… from this problem. Look of failure loops of Collabotaion and you will easily identify the succsess path.

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