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  • Most of Organizational challenge is not Process but People and their discussion between Leadership and openness.
  • This two-day, interactive course, based on the Prosperity Games to tackles the challenge of environment and helps bringing right culture aspects on the ground, This needs some preparation along with Agile coaches or Organization Coaches to understand team pains and gains using enterprise retrospective as prep work initially need 4 hours – 2 days of work based on the size of team, preferably to be done along with Whole unit working together to achieve a value stream for organization from all departments.
  • This course is in-person and touches deeper cultural aspects and help team identify I, We and us to gain mainly Customer centricity.

What you will learn?

  • You will have Value Stream opening using Lifeline and Life box – A game. 
  • Identification of We using Spider net to increase the horizon of team.
  •  Bringing Customer Centricity and use Customer Empathy Map to identify Customer gains, pains , needs – where customer can be internal or external.
  •  Identification of Norms with in Cross functional team.
  •  Identification of Values.
  •  Creating Vision statement and Mission statement.
  •  This also include some of best team practices – what they use to bring true collaboration among cross functional teams.

Who should attend?

Min 16- Max 55 participants

Batch Size

Number of Workshop days

2 days

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