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Collaboration Pattern 1

While “Collaboration” is the world’s favorite word (Agile is nothing but Collaboration at multi level ), it seems, we need only look around to see evidence in every direction of […]
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Collaboration Pattern 2

Collaboration Pattern of one of an African tribe is far better than Patterns / Options coming from meetings of lot C/M prefix holders in Corporate. Why – Ubuntu in the […]
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Enabling the enablers May enable organization faster

“Enabling the enablers May enable organization faster “- Post for HR offices and L & d organizations.” The sustainers … How about transforming those who were responsible for enabling the […]
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Horizon & Innovation Management

Morning meditation: #Product #Agility / #Portfolio horizon thinking for #Innovation & its connection with Anxiety. Today morning while in discussion with my friend Chetan Bhambri …A thought came through discussion […]
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