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Collaboration Pattern 1

While “Collaboration” is the world’s favorite word (Agile is nothing but Collaboration at multi level ), it seems, we need only look around to see evidence in every direction of collaborative intentions that have epically failed. In My Opinion- “Recent US election results” & ” Brexit ” is deep “failures.
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Collaboration Pattern 2

Collaboration Pattern of one of an African tribe is far better than Patterns / Options coming from meetings of lot C/M prefix holders in Corporate. Why – Ubuntu in the Xhosa culture means ‘I am because we are’ Against “somehow I ” of bad corporate culture. An anthropologist who proposed.
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Enabling the enablers May enable organization faster

“Enabling the enablers May enable organization faster “- Post for HR offices and L & d organizations.” The sustainers … How about transforming those who were responsible for enabling the transformations to be it by name Organizational Agility. #Humanresouce or People office have key 🔑 towards enablement of transformations as organizations.
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Horizon & Innovation Management

Morning meditation: #Product #Agility / #Portfolio horizon thinking for #Innovation & its connection with Anxiety. Today morning while in discussion with my friend Chetan Bhambri …A thought came through discussion triggered by Chetan. Which horizon is most difficult to think through, in comparison, in general, and How it connects to.
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