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Customer Centricity & Product Clarity - Collaborative Frameworks using Innovation GamesⓇ for Product Clarity

“Organizations/ Business / Product teams always look for Clarity around Products from Customer behaviour standpoint. “Customer Centricity & Product Core Clarity” helps teams identify right customer as well as help in understanding changing customer perspective”

Leadership Workshop - "The Path" - Strategy to Teams

“Often Leadership teams struggle to have “Collaborative Strategy”. The Path – Strategy to Teams not only helps in enabling Leadership teams in longer term strategy but also helps in terms of passing strategy to larger teams and enabling them to self-execute strategic themes – Leadership teams to Sr Management

Cultural Workshop - "Hold the Sand" - Cross Functional Unit creating Empathy

“Enabling Organization Cultural flow is the art to enhance teams to create common self-beliefs, Which tends to be major player in most transformation journey success and Failure. “Hold the Sand” help team’s creating environment of flow and triggering Intrinsic Change Motive & Creating Internal change agents “ – Cross Functional Leaders or Cross functional Teams are target segment.   

"Team Lift Off" Creation of a New Team and Key Program Kick Off

Newly formed high visibility Key programs always need extra care. “Team Lift Off”-  is concept of lifting off teams not only with Agile and respective framework wisdom but creating an environment for them to start together using common collaborative frameworks to get uplifted results” – Newly formed teams , Re-org teams, Re-approach teams, Highly Visible Programs. 

Learn Agile & Scrum using Games with Freshers or Newly formed Teams in 1 Day

It is often more enjoyable while playing thus we use our unique games in helping Newly formed Agile teams spcifically Fresh blood with in organizations 

Sales Playard

Sales Playard is aimed at training the sales team using Unique Agile frameworks, engaging games & playway methods .The Sales play-shop focuses on helping the team learn the concepts of:

  • Sales Funneling
  • Customer Persona mapping
  • Modern day sales trends
  • Situational Sales Pitch through Role Play
  • Understanding B2C, B2B, B2P Sales model
  • Understanding PSMM Sales qualities model
  • Counter strategies.
  • Understanding Agile sales

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