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“Enabling the enablers May enable organization faster “- Post for HR offices and L & d organizations.” The sustainers … How about transforming those who were responsible for enabling the transformations to be it by name Organizational Agility. #Humanresouce or People office have key 🔑 towards enablement of transformations as organizations need – Strong Learning – Clear values – Culture towards openness As no transformation can sustain without a change in norms as habits. How many transformation agents are really taking help or helping in enabling organizations people office to enable change? They are not only for the performance cycle and to the crib. “I am not saying enabling by selling training/certifications to them BUT transforming your Hr & L&D units so that they can enable your organization “ The way the Indian government has revamped the “Indian Education system”, Organizations also need to transform these organizations to get the real outcome. We do unique #Retrospectives and #assessments of 3 step approach and enable these enablers to enable organization transformations by providing a specific approach that helps in transformations. If interested in these approaches from human resources or L & D organizations can reach out to Anupam or me.

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