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Morning meditation: #Product #Agility / #Portfolio horizon thinking for #Innovation & its connection with Anxiety.

Today morning while in discussion with my friend Chetan Bhambri …A thought came through discussion triggered by Chetan.

Which horizon is most difficult to think through, in comparison, in general, and How it connects to anxiety and arises a need to create “Environment around Leadership Roles”.

Horizon – 1: Supporting my current needs.
Horizon -2: Balancing back-burner elements in need of clients.
Horizon 3: Deep towards future disruption ( Maybe ).

Again … in simple notation “Present – Near term future – Far future”.

We felt All of these Horizons need Critical Thinking and may need to introspect a lot BUT “ near term future “ is what makes us MOST anxious especially corporate Leaders thus that is what may be most difficult to think through.

Why ? – Oh did I said that make us most “ ANXIOUS“ .. ahh that may be the reason possibly.

Planning is OK Wisdom is fine But “ Creating the type of “Leadership team culture ” (less Anxious ), as well as the environment, May get you better Option selection.

Thus, the Role of Executive Team, Fiduciaries, Equity Partners is to help Creating that Environment.

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